CREOS PLAY LTD has been developing and publishing games since 2021. We have assembled a team with common values. Our mission is to create games that will be interesting to play for both avid gamers and people who just want to pass the time while standing in line, standing in traffic, or going to work in the subway. Immerse yourself in the virtual worlds created by our team.
About us
Survival simulator during the zombie apocalypse. Several survivors have found weapons and are ready to defend themselves. Every day there are more and more dead people in the city, clear the streets of these zombies!
Last of Survival SWAT
We have created an ideal world for mining gold and diamonds. You will see smooth gameplay and amazing graphics. Make your daily life much more fun! Discover new islands, to get to the hidden gems.
Golden Craft Stars
The girl is running away from her pursuers, your hope is to save her. Choose different weapons, me the skin of the main character. Shoot the criminals and catch the girl!
Cube Shot
Your cannon can become bigger and more powerful. The number of bullets can be increased during the shot, as well as at the start. The main thing is to smash the zombies!
Mega Headshot
You play as a funny zombie. You can choose a zombie who used to be a mafia, or an ordinary worker, prisoner or tourist. We have also prepared various jetpacks for your flights. All this is in a beautiful big world, through which you need to fly!
Funny Zombi Crush
Petr Kireev
General Manager
The Creator Originator
Maxim Stepochkin
Projects Manager
The Creator Inspector

Danila Puzyrev
UA Lead
Traffic Purchasing Specialist
Eugene Sadykov
Head of 3D
The Creator Sorcerer
Alex Majorov
Lead Designer
The Creator Generator
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